Monday, 22 September 2014

A few vacation pics

(Loving the demo toys at Chapters in St. John's)

(En route)

(My dad ended up on the same flight as us) 

(Cohen prefers to have his own seat) 

(Just the two of us in a car on a boat) 

(Dinner out sans the little dude=really relaxing) 

(Ferry ride number a million on our road trip) 

(We had a GPS and iPhones, but we preferred to take a pic of a real map with my phone. We are old school like that) 

(Our munchkin and my sister's munchkin. 8 months apart) 

(Taking a bath. It was cute) 

(Jon asked the teenaged DQ worker if she would write "Go the f$#% to sleep." She said no.) 

(Almost home) 

(Cohen loves this part of our trip)

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