Friday, 5 September 2014

Old friends, new babies

(unhappy babe)

(not happy) 

(old friend, new(ish) babe)

I just got off the phone with my elementary/high school best friend who just had a baby (15 days ago). It brought back so many memories of what it was like to have a 2-week old (I was a little more honest later). At the time I was pretty desperate to hear other moms say that it was hard. It seemed to me that other moms were all making it seem easy. But it's hard. At the time I remember thinking that I was never going to feel normal again, or get enough sleep again. But now, of course, just like they all said, I look back on that time so fondly. At the time, I was keeping track of Cohen's sleeping and eating at night. For some reason recording it made me feel better. I liked adding up how much sleep I got at night. If it was more than 5 hours a night, I was happy. This was my entry on August 4th, 2013, when Cohen was around 16 days old:

9:30 pm: asleep after eating R and L
10:10 pm: awake. L again. no P or P.
10:10 pm: 11:30 pm walked around by J. very irritable.
11:30 pm: asleep
1:00 am: P + P. feed on L
1:30 am: asleep with swaddle and womb noise machine
3:00 am: no P or P. feed on R.
3:30 am: asleep with swaddle and W
5:30 am: P + P. feed on L.
6:00 am: asleep
7:30 am: awake. feed on R a bit
9:30 am: P+P. feed on R.

Yep. And that is around the time that you go to a mommy group, and a few other moms are talking about how their baby slept through the night from day one. My friend is actually doing so amazing. She has read the books, and she is super organized.

Another friend of mine who was visiting the other week said that I seem more sure of myself now then before I was a mom. I love that, and I think maybe it's true for all parents.

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  1. Thanks Jess- I so appreciated our chat last night! It was one of the best conversations I have had in a while, and I enjoyed all the laughs. I wish we lived closer!


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