Tuesday, 2 September 2014

On the long weekend (we now have a toddler)

(rocket pop and vanilla ice cream) 

(always backwards down the slide) 

(picking green tomatoes) 

(relaxation time) 

(this took four hours!! i need to bring snacks next time) 


(family selfie) 


Such a great weekend. Both my dudes were feeling pretty under the weather, so we embraced it and watched a lot of TV, and read a lot of books. We did a few bike rides, took some walks, watched some baseball, had friends for dinner.

And then yesterday afternoon, Cohen just started walking! We figured it would be another month or two for sure! I was surprised that he went from barely being able to take a step to suddenly being able to walk all around the house. We are so proud of him. Jon and I just keep looking at each other, smiling. We were talking about how a year ago, Cohen was just a tiny little guy who couldn't even hold his head up! Having a kid is crazy and amazing. Jon and I feel seriously lucky that we get to watch this dude grow up.

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