Tuesday, 9 September 2014

On the weekend

(making his nightly mess) 


(we discovered a new park) 




We spent another weekend hanging around town, which was so nice. We pretty much moved here because of the beautiful harbor, and I find that the more time we spend around said harbor, the better I feel about this place. 

Jon and I also made a small change in our evening routine that is working really good for us. Up until last week our evenings consisted of hanging out with the dude while he ate his supper around 5, then playing with him from 5:30-6:30, then bath time, and bedtime at around 7:30. Then Jon or I would make supper, and we would eat around 8:30. So this weekend wee decided to start eating when Cohen eats. So much better! It means one of us preparing supper right after work so we can eat around 5:30 with Cohen. It means eating way earlier than we ever have. But it also means we get to sit at the table with Cohen as a family and talk. Now, after supper, we usually go on a family bike ride or take Cohen to the playground for a few minutes. And now it feels like Jon and I have so much more free time after Cohen goes to sleep to play cards, hang out, do whatever. So much better.

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