Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The dream dome

(comfy, cozy bed)

(reading chair)



(loved the sheepskin)

(the tiny bathroom)

(Japanese hot tub)

My main Christmas gift from Jon last year was a three night stay at the dream domes, a few hours away from my parent's house. We finally went last week, and it was awesome. Jon and I chickened out and only stayed one night. It was so hard to be away from our little guy! We made the most of it though, and we were both totally relaxed when we drove back to my parent's house.

When you first arrive, the host gives you a long lesson on taking care of the fires. There is a fire to keep the hot tub heated, and a wood stove inside the dome. They give you a ton of wood, and you need it. Jon was pretty much constantly tending to at least one of the fires. The hot tub takes 4 hours to heat up! I think it kind of works out, though, because the fire management forces you to relax and do nothing but read, nap, whatever. Jon and I spent a lot of time drinking tea, reading, and chatting in the hot tub. I read magazines and this book, while Jon was totally into The Orenda.

I texted with my mom the whole time to see how Cohen was. She sent me lots of pics of him hanging out, riding the lawn tractor, organizing cheerios, etc. I was most worried about bedtime and nap times. He did awesome. Mom said that for one nap, he just went right into her closet, pointed at his crib, and so she picked him up and sat him in the crib. And he grabbed his teddy and just rolled over and went to sleep. He actually put himself down for a nap! I loved knowing that he was happy at my parent's house. When we got back, I ran in and went to hug Cohen. He smiled and hugged me, then he wanted down right away so he could keep playing on the floor in the kitchen. The whole trip basically could not have gone better. And it really was amazing to have some time alone with Jon.

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