Wednesday, 27 August 2014

13 months old!

I was going to bail on these little monthly updates, but now I am thinking I will be grateful to be able to look back on what was going on with Cohen each month. Especially since he is changing so much all the time! So, lately:

- Cohen has taken a few steps here and there, but that's it. Still loving the crawling very fast

- He loves to say "dad" whenever he sees Jon, and now he says "dog" anytime he hears barking or sees the neighbor's dog. The other morning he put my iPhone up to his ear and said hello, and Jon and I flipped! It was so cute, and it came out more like "dull-Oh."

- He refuses to sit and let us read to him before bed these days. He's way too busy throwing every book, diaper, and blanket on the floor before bed. He will throw all his diapers on the floor one by one, then he will slowly put them all back, then repeat. 

- Favourite foods: Bread, buns, muffins, scones. Basically any kind of baked good. He also loves black beans from a can. 

- Favourite activity: The slide at the playground. We try to visit every day. Bonus if we bike there. He loves bike rides on the back of his dad's bike. 

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