Friday, 22 August 2014

What's up, Gander?

Gander got kind of awesome since we moved away a year ago. Luckily, it is only a short less-than-two-hour drive away, so we can visit all the time. 

(Cohen in the pond with Jon after a quick tri training session)

(swinging at the new and improved Cobb's Pond) 

(fancy new loungers at Cobb's) 

(family selfie) 

(the splash pad. He hated it. Then he loved it) 

(so fun)

We always thought Gander was cool, but it definitely got cooler. They fancied up the community park in a big way. We hung out at Cobb's pond A LOT (here, here, here), and I am so happy to see the facelift. We returned to the hotel we stayed at last time, which has gone downhill in a big way. Downhill as in huge piles of smelly garbage in the stairwell, actual huge clumps of dirt all over the hallway for the duration of our stay, an odd pile of leather jackets and lamps chilling by the main entrance, the most terrible cat food-like smell everywhere. Some pics, just for fun:

(sweet pattern on the couch)

(so old)

(the pool that may have been nice at some point, but is now full of black liquid)

(the dude, relaxing in the morning)

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