Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Our vacation: PEI cottage time

(The babes) 

(Both babes having a snack) 

(Cohen and his uncle in the (not-hot-at-all) hot tub) 

(my boys at Cavendish beach) 

(family selfie at the beach) 

(Cohen's first amusement park ride, the train at Sandspit. Not impressed) 

(naptime, snacktime) 

(brother races) 

(shopping on the boardwalk) 

(Cottage number five) 

(red sand) 

(waiting for Beavertails)

We spent a week in Cavendish at the Maple cottages. We stayed in one of the little two-bedroom cottages, which was perfect for us, and my sister and her fiancé and baby for a few nights. I am not going to do my usual review, but I will say that there are a ton of cottages in Cavendish, but these ones have a lot of trees, therefore shade, which is a precious commodity when you have a little babe. I saw a lot of cottages with not a tree in sight. Something to think about if you are planning a Cavendish vacation. 

What I loved about these cottages was that there is a nice big pool 20 feet from the front door, as well as a nice sized kiddie pool and hot (lukewarm) tub. Since Cohen naps twice a day, we were going back and forth a lot during the day, which worked out perfectly. Cohen also spent some time on the slides and in the sandbox area. This place is really kid-friendly. 

Cavendish is super duper touristy. You just have to embrace it. We did the boardwalk, the Cows ice cream, the beach, Sandspit, the lobster restaurants, the works. Everything is so close that you can squeeze a lot in between naps. 

Cohen's nap schedule meant that J and I had a few hours of alone time every day. I read magazines, ate ice cream, people watched. It was awesome. Sometimes Jon and I sat and had a coffee, and sometimes Jon trained for his upcoming triathlon. My sister and I talked about important stuff like what brands of clothes we wore in high school, and who is pregnant from our hometown. 

Our little dude actually got pretty sick while we were traveling to PEI. He had diarrhea (oh my gosh, there are so many adjectives I could use for his diarrhea. Really, it was so sad, and his tummy must have been in quite a state) and was throwing up in the car on the drive. He didn't feel like eating much of anything except hamburger buns for the first few days. He even refused birthday cake. But he was super cuddly, which was the best. What a little trooper. 

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