Friday, 2 January 2015

My iPhone died over the holidays...

(from Christmas 2013. I can't believe how small he is!)

Around December 21st, my phone started to get a little funny, but by the time we were ready to head to New Brunswick on Christmas Eve, the phone was totally broken. I didn't think I would mind being phone-less, but I have to say, it was hard. I missed the camera most of all, but also google maps, passbook, wifi, texting, and even the actual phone. We spent Christmas at my parent's house in NB, which felt pretty relaxing since we have done two-province Christmas holidays since we started dating. 

Holiday highlights/stuff:

- Traveling on Christmas day is awesome. The airports are pretty deserted, which makes it ok for Cohen to run around wildly. 

- When we visit my parents, Cohen sleeps in my mom's walk-in closet. Cohen sleeps really well in there, I think because it's so dark. The best part of it, though, is that Jon and I got to sleep in every morning. My parents would get up with Cohen at 5 am, and we would sleep another hour or two. Seriously, the best thing ever. I am going to be sad the day that Cohen can no longer sleep in the closet. 

- And Cohen takes his baths in the kitchen sink at my parent's. His favorite time to do so is when we are making supper. He just sits in the sink for ages, playing with a spoon and a cup. 

- Jon and I spent an overnight alone at a nearby hotel. So great. I would recommend taking advantage of sweet grandparent babysitting opportunities to all parents. We did some leisurely downtown shopping, lingered for half an hour at a magazine store, went for a beer in the hotel bar. Cohen barely looked up from his toys when we got back the next day. 

- We did our first professional family pictures in at least 8 years. It was so cold, we all had to wear our less-than-stylish winter jackets. Professional group pictures with a 1.5 year old? Not my idea of a good time. But so happy we did it. 

- We were all asleep by 10 pm on NYE. My sister and I ended our night drinking tea and chatting. Not sorry. 

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