Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Library list

Two solitudes: Just starting this one. Comes highly recommended by my husband.

Daily love: I am sorta into the Daily love website, so I thought I would like the book. It was just OK. The main message I got from it was that I need to check out Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker.

Wheat belly total health: I read the first wheat belly, but this one is so much more intense. He recommends you eliminate all grains from your diet, and also all gluten-free items. So no more bread, rice, oatmeal. And he says to reduce your fruit intake way way down. Since we are now a nut-free and egg-free household, it's almost impossible to follow this book. We did it for like a week, and we probably lost weight, but we didn't even want to.

Yes please: I can't pass up a female celebrity memoir these days. Tina Fey's was the best by far. Amy's was pretty good, but I laughed out loud exactly once. I expected more. Still, I would recommend this book. I liked hearing about her struggles with motherhood and working.

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