Monday, 19 January 2015

On the weekend

(he just loves to trudge through snow. around and around our house)

(and instead of working out I have been pulling him around the street/yard as fast as I can)

(driving in a snowstorm)

(he is a snow lover)

(must have sat up here for at least 5 minutes)


We had a good, quiet weekend, maxing out on snow activities. We went snowshoeing twice, sledding 5 times, skating once and spent a ton of time just walking around in the snow. I sorta feel like a lot of toddlers don't spend much time outside. I am basing that mostly just on the fact that I know a lot of little kids live on our street, and I never ever see them outside. Maybe it's because they have sweet ball pits and indoor bouncy castles in their houses. I'll be over here hoping for some playdate invites. 

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