Sunday, 18 January 2015

1.5 years old!

Cohen is 18 months old today. I am loving this age so much! 

Some things about Cohen lately:

- He is still apparently really small. He weighs around 23 pounds now.

- His auntie Kiki finally cut his hair, which I find makes him look so much more like a toddler as opposed to a baby.

- Favourite foods lately: frozen blueberries, always (he goes to the freezer door and says "boo?" whenever he wants them). He also really likes plain greek yogurt, pom juice (which I always lace with fish oil), ground beef, and tofu. Least favorite: salad. Whenever we try to give him salad, he puts it in his mouth, then spits it out as if it were poison. And he can eat a whole can of sardines in ten minutes, easy.

- Words: "bubble guppies." This is a show on netflix that we let him watch for 20 minutes a day. He LOVES it. He can say bubble guppies so clearly, it's amazing. We are also teaching him/making him say please whenever he wants something. Right now it is more "peas?" He also loves to say "moo" when you show him a picture of a cow, and he loves to try to count to four. Also says, "no" to every single thing J and I say to him.

- Favorite activities: He loves helping J and I. When I am baking and I let him pass me the muffin liners or dump the flour in the bowl, he is super happy. Though it usually ends in him being pissed that I wouldn't let him eat all the butter or climb right into the oven. He loves carrying the little watering jug around behind Jon to water all the plants in the house. He loves grabbing the freshly folded facecloths and throwing them right back into the dirty laundry hamper. Other true love: toddling around the driveway/empty parking lot/lawn/open space with no particular end game. Also getting chased by J or I.

- Things that make him super mad: When J or I ever have our phones or computers out, ever. If electronic devices are in sight, he wants to be using them. Getting out of his crib, sometimes. He sometimes just wants to spend the whole day in there, but with us in plain sight. If we try to leave his room, no, that is a problem. My makeup case. I am down to just blush and bronzer because he has destroyed all other cosmetics.

- He sleeps from around 6:30 pm to 5:30 am, then naps for 2 hours in the middle of the day. I would love if he slept a little longer in the mornings, but it's really not that bad.

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