Wednesday, 14 January 2015

More allergy testing

When Cohen was tested for food allergies a month ago, the allergist said we definitely should test him for environmental allergies too. We made the drive in last week to get the second round of allergy testing done. 

There was one really big red dot: feathers. The dude is allergic to feathers in a big way. We came home and bagged up all our pillows and cushions and the duster. I am feeling so grateful I never decided to buy one of the ubiquitous Canada Goose jackets, because I definitely would not be able to wear it now.

Some things we are figuring out about allergies:

- The allergy testing doesn't tell you what kind of allergic reaction you will have. They scale the reactions from zero to four. Cohen was a four for peanuts, walnuts, wheat, feathers. But only the nuts are anaphylactic for him. He would not need an epipen if he was exposed to wheat or feathers even though he is super allergic to them.

- Cohen is allergic to eggs (he scored a two for eggs), but he is able to eat them without us noticing much of a reaction sometimes. But then sometimes he gets all red and puffy. Allergies are super confusing.

- The allergist tells us that Cohen will likely grow out of almost all of the allergies eventually. The only one that may be for life is the walnuts. I dunno why.

- Cohen reacted less than one to dust and hamsters, but the allergist recommended we never own a hamster. No problem. He is also allergic to dandelions.

- Gluten free baking with no eggs is challenging, but not impossible. I am slowly trying to get into it.

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