Monday, 12 January 2015

On the weekend

(drinking creamers, as usual) 

(he spent 30 minutes on this, and still cried when we forcefully removed him) 

(enjoying some water with a straw) 

(first time on the ice) 

(loved getting pulled around on his sled-last year he was so tiny!

I may have mentioned a few times (or a million times) that our town is small, and sometimes it is a struggle to find things to do. We have our usual weekend errands/fun things we do like go to the grocery store, go for a walk, go get a coffee. So it's kinda thrilling when there is something new to do. This weekend it was skating around on the accidentally flooded ball diamond by our house. The weather lately has resulted in a pretty smooth surface. We haven't sprung for skates for Cohen yet, though we are told that 18 months is a pretty typical starting age for ice skating. For now, Cohen loves getting pulled in last year's red sled.

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