Saturday, 10 January 2015

Some holiday pics

I was phone-less for the whole entire holiday, so I stole some pictures from J's phone. We travelled to NB for Christmas, which included a lot of driving, 4 flights, two hotel stays, and no delays!! Our first time ever with no flight cancellations or delays. 

We spent Christmas Eve eating burgers and fries at Wendy's. We were not the only ones there! Later, we watched a marathon of Fresh Prince Christmas episodes. Actually pretty perfect night. 

On Christmas morning we woke up in the hotel room at 5 am and watched cartoons in the big bed.

Dude got his first haircut from his Aunt Kiki on Christmas. The new haircut has reduced people mistaking him for a girl by at least 75%. 

Cohen loved his daily sink bath at my parent's. 

He really wasn't into sharing the sink with his cousin. He was grateful Nanny DD has a double basin. 

When we got back to NL, we went to this little coffee shop in a church basement, where Cohen tried hot chocolate for the first time. Here, he is drinking the cream for my coffee. 

Here, he is in heaven with his hot chocolate. 

This was my favorite Christmas ever. Mostly because having our little guy makes each day more exciting, especially holidays. But also because we kept things really low-key. For presents, we exchange names at Thanksgiving among the eight adults, so we each only buy one gift. We also do a gift swap where the only rule is that you aren't allowed to spend money on the gift, and I really think my family enjoys that gift swap more. I got a sweet jean button-up shirt with my brother-in-law's company name on it, and Jon got a sailor's hat that was previously owned by my brother (who is in the navy). We play a lot of board games (this year it was scattergories and 5 second rule, but other years we have been all about monopoly), and do puzzles like it's our job. This year we completed three huge ones. Best Christmas ever.

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