Friday, 19 December 2014

It's Friday!

(on this weekend one year ago)

It's Friday, and we just listened to the last Serial podcast. Jon and I have discussed it so much, and we are totally not convinced either way. I look forward to an update on DNA evidence in the future.

Also, I have been pretty wrapped up in the Dal Dentistry Gentleman's Club situation. I keep thinking about the ladies in the class, and the men who are totally not involved. I was in my fourth year at Dal dental school only 4 years ago, and I remember that the stress of exams, patients, graduation is major. I really hope that the huge mistakes of those thirteen men don't negatively effect the other students too much. I personally think it is completely unfair to ask the women in the class to come up with a punishment. They have enough on their plate right now. Seriously, in fourth year, every morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend is taken up by school. Asking them to spend even a few hours determining a punishment is asking too much.

In other news, I cooked steak for supper tonight. We have dramatically changed out diet since Cohen's diagnosis with a huge list of allergies. We are slowly going to be introducing potential allergens over the next weeks and months. Things that he may be allergic to: oats, corn, rice, sunflower seeds (and all other seeds), almonds (and all other nuts). Things he is definitively currently allergic to: peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, halibut, eggs, wheat. Things that are for sure safe: fruits, veggies, dairy, red meat, poultry, sardines.

The weather is warm (slightly above freezing) and wet here, so we have weekend plans to relax, go to a kids christmas party, and maybe watch a christmas movie (Elf is my fav). No snowshoeing for us yet.

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