Thursday, 18 December 2014

17 months old!

Time is chugging right along, and Cohen is getting so big. Some things about Cohen lately:

- The words! He has so many. He says apple (a fav snack) and orange super clearly. Other words: on, open, truck, hi, hey you, ball.

- When he finishes a meal, he will hold his plate out to us and say, "more?" It's the cutest thing.

- He loves to read books. He will take a novel Jon is reading, and sit and flip through the pages for 5 minutes with complete focus. His very favorite books right now: The Lion King, Clifford, B is for Bear.

- We just went through a super duper tough week or two of sleep. He was getting up for the day at 3:30 am, no joke. Nothing would put him back to sleep. He was ready for the day. We tried putting him to bed later, only letting him take one short nap during the day, sleep training a bit. In the end, I have no idea what made it better. I think maybe kids go through these sleep phases no matter what you do. It was hard because by the time Jon and I arrived at work in the morning, we had already been up for 4-5 hours. I was ready for more coffee and lunch by 9 am. Anyway, I think the phase has passed, and Cohen is sleeping until a much more respectable 6 am.

- His favorite toy by far is his ride-on music parade toy. He got it from our sitter for his first birthday, and it has been the first thing he reaches for every single morning since then. I think we could throw out most of his other toys, and he would be fine with this one single toy.

- We have been getting the best cuddles. He gives awesome hugs all the time, and kisses everything from pictures and books to his humidifier in his room. He seems to be a very affectionate, very quite and serious little guy.

- Jon and I are so in love with him. And, we really enjoy hanging out with him. He is just so much fun to be around. These days, he happily follows us around while we do laundry and dishes take out the garbage. And he is thrilled to walk around a store or a mall just looking and pointing at Christmas decorations. Being a parent is the best.

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