Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday morning at the laundromat

So our washer stopped working on Tuesday night. Since there is only one repairman in our town, we had to wait until today for him to even come have a look. By this morning, we absolutely needed a trip to the laundromat, mostly for the little dude's pajamas. Once upon a time, I loved going to the laundromat.  Not anymore. It's not quite so fun with a little dude who has been feeling very very cuddly and a laundromat that is really quite dirty for a cleaning facility.

Anyway, I was quite embarrassed this afternoon when the repairman figured out what the problem was. He flipped the washer upside down, dug around with his tools, and eventually pulled out...a nursing pad. A breast pad, if you will. The reusable kind that I wear to help with leaks. Oh my. Not something I really want to share with anyone, especially not a strange and helpful washer repairman. He pulled it out, and was all, What is this? And I was all, I don't know!! Not sure! So weird! Lesson learned is this: Put all reusable breast pads, little socks, and other tiny textiles into a lingerie bag before you put them in the washer.


  1. Photo # 1 caption. Guarding my mom's purse and my PJs!!

  2. Photo # 1 Caption - can I have a few quarters, my PJ's are dirty?


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