Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Scenes from a normal work week

(What a ya at?) 

(always coffee with almond milk in my keep cup

(preparing to teach kids about crowns and brushing) 

(after nursing the dude in a vacant patient chair*) 

(one of our hygienists makes the best baked goods)

I love my job, and it takes up a pretty decent part of my week. Highlights of work last week:

- This insane chocolate cake covered in Lindt balls. Made my one coworker for another in a time of boy-related stress:)

- Due to our sitter being stuck in town during the blizzard, Cohen had to spend a bit of time at work on tuesday, being handed around. He was a trooper. 

- We went to the elementary school to teach kids about brushing and healthy foods. I was eager to tell them that chewy granola bars and goldfish crackers are not awesome.

- The whole clinic did fluoride "shots" on Monday (aka girl day), which was pretty fun/gross.

- My work magnifying glasses broke, which was pretty devastating to me, as I can't work without them. But luckily we share a building with an eyeglass place, and they fixed them right up for me in less than a day! 

-More about my work days here.

(*my loupes really get in the way with nursing)

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