Sunday, 6 April 2014

Things I learned about nail polish marbling

Today was rainy and dreary, and I decided I wanted to do a craft. I needed a craft that was easy, quick, and didn't require me to leave the house to get supplies. This nail polish marbling was totally that craft! I made a ton of card stock label things to use for name tags for an upcoming baby shower that I am making loot bags for, and I also decorated a few glass objects, all in under an hour (aka length of time of one afternoon nap).

(some practice cards) 

 (my water bath)

 (marbled candle)

What you need:

- nail polish (my newer, less gummy nail polish worked best)

- a bin that you can fill with water that you don't care about getting covered in nail polish

- some thick paper or card stock or a glass object that you want to decorate

- a toothpick or knife or something that you can dip in the water and make designs with

Some tips I figured out along the way:

- The water needs to be the right temperature. I found that room temperature was best. If it's too warm, the nail polish sets quicker, so you have less time to mess with it.

- You should really lay down newspaper or something, because it is messy. Our kitchen table is covered in nail polish now...

- Ventilation is important. Nail polish fumes are really strong, and you are using a lot of it. I think this would be best done outside.

- Do a bunch of practice cards. It takes a few tries to figure it out.

- I found my newer and more matte polishes worked best. The shimmery ones didn't show up as well on the paper.

- Basically you just pour a bunch of nail polish on the surface of the water bath, make some designs, then lay your paper on the surface of the water. Really easy.

(a bit of a mess, but worth it)

Now I want to make one huge (like 4 ft by 5 ft) marble painting to hang on the wall right above this table. I am thinking I would need to use a kiddie pool as my water bath to get such a huge surface, but maybe it would be worth it. I got this idea from here.  Teenaged me loves this art project.

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