Tuesday, 22 April 2014

An overnight in Bonavista

(dude in his collar and cardigan) 

(room 306, aka the Honeymoon suite) 

(just chilling in the hotel room) 

(coconut water in the middle of the night)

We went to Bonavista this past weekend so that we could eat here and celebrate the 30th birthday of an old friend. We stayed at the Harbour Quarters, where we have stayed in the past, except this time we stayed in the suite so that we would have a place to hang out after Cohen went to sleep. 

Cohen woke up a few times in the night, and eventually I ended up trying to get him to sleep in between Jon and I. Umm, no. That ship has sailed, I guess. As soon as I brought him into bed with us, he was wide eyed, and ready to hang out. Him and I ended up letting Jon sleep while we had a midnight (4 am) snack of coconut water. Dude loved it. 

In the morning we feasted on gas station coffee and muffins, and listened to This American Life on the iPad as we drove home through a mini-blizzard. 

More on our last Bonavista overnight here

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