Sunday, 12 January 2014

Power outage


(little dude)


I can't believe it's been a whole week since the power outage in Newfoundland. Almost the entire province went dark. We were out of power for around 20 hours, which is tough when you have a baby. Our biggest priority was keeping the little dude warm. We layered him in three sleepers, and of course he slept with us that night. It was cold. Probably around 5 degrees C inside. We all wore toques, and J and I each wore a few sweatshirts. We put every single blanket we own on the bed, and we cuddled. I felt pretty grateful that Cohen is still exclusively breastfeeding. It was just one less thing to worry about. I was also really grateful that J has all our camping gear meticulously organized in our basement, so we were able to find our headlamps easily. The power company is now telling Newfoundlanders to reduce their power consumption to avoid another massive outage. We'll see what happens during the next cold snap.

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