Monday, 6 January 2014

Hotel Review: Hampton Inn and Suites, St. John's, NL

We stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites by the St. John's airport both before and after our Christmas trip. Since we live almost two hours from the airport (and we have a little baby), we almost always have to stay at a hotel near the airport in order to avoid too long of a travel day. We don't mind, though, as long as the hotel has a pool!

Price: around $150 including tax. average.
Bathroom: Nice. The shower felt pretty luxurious, though the toiletries were not great.
Pool: Yes, but it wasn't operational when we were there, which is a big issue for me. If the pool is down, I think it should be mentioned on your website.
Breakfast: Included. There was a waffle station, some pre-made omelets, sausages, and also all the usual continental breakfast stuff: cereal, oatmeal, toast, juice, coffee. The dude working at the breakfast bar was super nice, which is huge. Cohen and I were down there by 6 am because ya know, Cohen is an early riser.
Wifi: Yes, free
TV: Good. We watched more dragon's den.
Location: We were really happy with the location. There was a Boston Pizza right beside, which we walked to. There was also a Winners 2 minutes away. And close to the airport of course.
Parking: Free. This was awesome for us, because we took the shuttle directly from the hotel to the airport. We left our vehicle in the hotel parking lot for the whole Christmas vacation.


- I really don't love it when the pool of a hotel is not working, and they don't inform their guests. If we had gotten an email about it the day before, I would have for sure booked us elsewhere.

- The shuttle bus they have was broken down when we flew back in to the airport. The hotel said they would pay for a taxi instead. That was cool, except that it is impossible to get a taxi at the St. John's airport. We watched while all the guests of other hotels jumped into their shuttles, while we waited 45 minutes for a taxi.

- Another really weird thing about this hotel is there is no restaurant. We stayed there on NYE, and wanted room service. The best we could get was Boston Pizza delivered (and alcohol was not an option).

- The tap water tasted horrible. I have no idea why. So we bought water at the little mini-store they have at the front desk. Water = $3. Ben and Jerry ice cream pint = $12. Just FYI.

-Overall, I liked this hotel, and would stay there again for sure.

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