Saturday, 18 January 2014

6 months old!

Cohen is 6 months old today. He is starting to look like such a little boy to me! His personality becomes more apparent all the time. Some things about him lately:

- After sleep teaching him a bit (with this book), he is now sleeping 7 pm to 7 am, with a dream feed or two in the night. What a gift sleep is. I can't believe how much better I function with solid sleep. The strange thing is, when jon and I chronically weren't getting more than a few hours a night, we just sort of got used to it, and functioned fine. Sleep is strange that way.

- Cohen weighs 15 pounds 9 ounces. He seems so big to me, though I think he is pretty little for his age.

- He got his first dreadlock. I think it's because his thin hair is so long, and he moves his head back and forth when he is going to sleep. We are not going to cut it out. We think it's cute.

- He loves looking at himself in the mirror. He always gives himself a huge smile.

- We are still exclusively breastfeeding, though we are going to be introducing some veggies over the coming weeks. These days when I nurse, he runs his little hand all over my face, as if he is feeling for something. It is so funny and cute.

- He loves bath time. He splashes so much, and plays with his rubber duck. 

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  1. Happy six month BD to my wonderful grandson.


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