Monday, 20 January 2014

On the weekend

Jon and I are trying to learn French, as usual. In the past we have listened to french audio books in the car, and we have tried podcasts. This time we are going all in with a Rosetta Stone type of program. So far, I really like it. Now I know that "tu" and "vous" mean basically the same thing. 

I have started making baby food for Cohen. I used this recipe for the applesauce, because I trust Deb for all things food-related. Though really, you just cook the fruit or veggie until very soft, then whiz in the food processor with water. 

I also made sweet potato puree, which was so tasty, I ate a bunch before filling the ice cube tray. 

And I made my own rice cereal by grinding brown rice in the coffee grinder until it was very fine. Then I cooked it in water. Then added breast milk. It looked like thin white glue, and he did not enjoy it. We also let him try a soft boiled egg yolk on Saturday, which he could not get enough of. 

Jon's desk area. He is a proud father and husband. The plant in the corner was a gift from me when we were casually dating. There is also a jawbone and a vertebrae from our frequent visits to the beach. 

The snow was all gone on Saturday. We still bundled the little guy up for a stroll. 

Dude fell fast asleep in his sled on a long Sunday morning walk in the new snow.

This was our first weekend since Cohen has been fully sleep trained. We used to take advantage of the weekends to sleep in. No more. Cohen is up at 7 am, and we don't want to mess with his schedule, so J and I get up at 7 am too. It means that J and I have had our coffee, have gone to the gym, and had breakfast all by 10 am. It also means that we are ready for bed by 11 pm. It is a bit of an adjustment, but I think it works out pretty well.

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