Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cohen, the teacher: Lesson 4

(Cohen and Madame)

(I hope this little boy doesn't mind some drool on his tie...)

(Cohen and J saying goodbye)

Cohen got to see his third grade students again yesterday. And Jon got to come due to a cancellation at work, which was so awesome. The theme was "emotions". And Cohen was serious, as usual. The kids were wondering about Cohen's red little cheeks. I think it's teething? I dunno. I thought Cohen looked cuter than ever in his preppy little plaid button-up. I love how interested the kids are in Cohen. I got lots of questions, like: How often does Cohen cry? What did Cohen feel like on the airplane ride at Christmas? What makes Cohen scared? How did Cohen feel when he got off the airplane? Did Cohen like the airport? Does Cohen ever smile or laugh at home? If so, how often? How does Cohen feel when people come to our house? What do you do when Cohen cries? Does Cohen ever cry in the nighttime? If so, why? They are super curious.

PS: See the last teaching day here.

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  1. It is good to see that Cohen takes his work seriously.


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