Thursday, 19 September 2013

our coconut

what a thrill and responsibility to name a human being. when we were pregnant, we were always talking and singing to our little 'bubba' in my belly. we had a list of possible names for the baby on the ipad. we got ideas for names from tv shows (including sons of anarchy, of course), from distant relatives, from street signs, from literary characters. we were sure about a girl name: Jani. for a boy, we were pretty attached to the name 'hudson'. it is the name of the convenience stores in the airports we frequent. when we met our baby, we immediately knew he wasn't a hudson.

we thought for an hour or two after baby was born about a name. we had been to a leonard cohen concert during our pregnancy, and loved it. and at my 36 week checkup, the intern had mentioned that his sister just named her baby 'cohen'. we liked it. we tested out the other name we were considering, Lowell (from SOA). it just wasn't right. so our little baby was cohen. now, i mostly call him my little coconut (an orange is the new black reference) or munchkin. jon usually goes with coco or little man. love that little man.

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