Thursday, 12 September 2013

8 weeks old

i just had to share a few more photos as our little guy turns 8 weeks old. j and i talk about how crazy it is that we have only known him for 2 months. sometimes it feels like we have had him much longer. what's new with him:

- he is not a really smiley baby, but loves to give j huge gummy smiles at lunchtime.

- his fav thing to do is have us bounce him around the kitchen while he looks straight up at the ceiling.

- he has completely outgrown all his newborn clothes.

-we have been using these cloth diapers. i will definitely write more about cloth diapers later, but so far we are liking them a lot.

- lately he sleeps from 10 pm to 1:30 am in his crib, then is up for half an hour to eat, then back to sleep again from 2 am to 5 am in his crib. after that we are lucky if he sleeps another hour, usually between us in our bed.

-his eyes are still a steely blue colour. we wonder if they will stay blue, turn green like mine, or turn brown like jon's. either way, he is so sweet!

1 comment:

  1. My Grandson with a thousand expressions, none being a smile. Hopefully he will grace us with a smile at Thanksgiving.


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