Monday, 9 September 2013

an overnight in Bonavista

(relaxing at the hotel (review coming tomorrow)) 

(on a little walk along the water) 

(beers at the hotel lounge) 

(sweet view at the bonavista social club) 

(family photo) 

(the dungeons) 

(a beautiful gift from my husband)

we took our first real overnight family trip on the weekend. it was so good! cohen was so good! we stayed here, which was an easy walk to a cool coffee shop with awesome crepes. we ate wood fired pizzas here on saturday night. really good. there were goats walking all over the place, which was cool.

other things:
- we spent lots of time hanging around the hotel and taking short walks (cohen's favourite activity).
- jon treated me to the nicest journal i have ever had. i have already filled lots of pages. we got it at the elephant shop. i wanted everything in the whole store, but the prices were a little steep.
- our latest thing is listening to podcasts on our drives. we love this american life (like everyone), and we also love listening to alec baldwin's "here's the thing".
- the dungeons were worth the little drive out to see them. i recommend.


  1. What wonderful memories you are creating. Cohen is beautiful and looks to be wonderfully content.

    Gerry says to tell you, as you are fans of This American Life, to - sometime when you are not holding Cohen or doing anything requiring more attention than good belly-laughs will allow - to search out the episode called "Squirrel Cop" - even the second time he listened to it with some of our girls and he knew what was coming, he was laughing so hard he started to fear he would have a stroke. But, he adds, you both are in MUCH better shape than he is - and, much younger.

    Thanks for sharing your travel's quite a journey, isn't it?

  2. I will have to check out that story. Haha. Becoming a parent is definitely the hardest and the best thing I have ever done.


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