Wednesday, 11 September 2013

on eating out with a newborn

(eating out pre-baby)

(at a restaurant in bonavista)

(eating out in twillingate)

j and i love date night and eating at restaurants. we took cohen out for supper  with us for the first time when he was only 5 days old. these are some things i'd recommend if you are going out for supper with a newborn:

- try to feed the baby right before you go. he will hopefully be able to sleep while you eat.

- ask for a table in the corner. you can put the baby carrier away from where the servers are walking.

- choose a seat facing away from the crowd. that way, if you have to breast-feed, you can do it really discretely. also, bring a scarf or blanket or something for cover if you end up breast-feeding.

- if baby is sleeping, use a light blanket to shield his eyes from the light so he doesn't wake up. i also find that if i constantly rock his carrier with my foot, he stays asleep.

- ask for the bill when the food comes. we try to pay before we eat, so we can bolt as soon as we are finished eating if the little guy is getting fussy.

- be prepared to leave. a few times, we have had to get our meals in takeout containers midway through the meal because cohen was fussy. no big deal

- enjoy your meal! the first few times, i was almost waiting for cohen to cry, so i really wasn't relaxing and enjoying myself. but now i know that no matter what happens, it's no big deal. the worst thing that can possibly happen is you have to leave in a hurry. no biggie. last night we were waiting to be seated at our fav restaurant, and cohen spit up all over himself. like, a lot. i didn't have enough stuff in the diaper bag to deal with the mess, so we ended up getting takeout and heading home. it was still a great night.

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