Wednesday, 25 September 2013

newborn baby gear i love

i wrote about the things i was loving when Cohen was just three weeks old. now that he is 10 weeks old, there are a few more things that i have been loving:

1. ergo baby carrier with newborn insert. i love this for two different situations. first, for traveling, so we don't have to bring our stroller, which basically takes up the entire trunk. second, when Cohen is fussy around 7 pm every night. we strap him into the ergo, and j walks around with him. Cohen falls asleep within minutes. so awesome

2. bouncy seat. we are not into having a whole bunch of baby stuff around the house, so we tried to skip this. i eventually caved and bought a really cheap one. cohen sits in this whenever we eat supper, and when one of us is in the kitchen. he seems to love it.

3. nuk soother. we didn't think we would want to use a pacifier with cohen, but we tried it out around six weeks when cohen was fussy while we were out (i think we were out for supper). he loves it. we call it our secret weapon and only use it when other things aren't working and we are in a public place, but i really do think it is great.

4. frida snot sucker. this is our most recent purchase. i had heard great things about it, but was totally fine using other methods of snot removal. plus the whole idea of me sucking his snot out seemed a tiny bit revolting. but then a week or so ago, i started noticing his nose looking pretty blocked up, and i really couldn't clear it very well. so we got the snot sucker, and now my mind is at ease because his little nose is clear. and it's not gross at all.

5. monte glider. we had ordered this ages ago, but due to a store in town messing up a bit, only got it when cohen was six weeks old or so. anyway, i love this glider and ottoman. before we had it, i was feeding cohen at night in our bed. this wasn't ideal, because it woke up jon every time. now, i feed cohen at night in the glider in his room. it is so comfy, and i think the gliding motion helps baby back to sleep.

see also my post on what to bring to the hospital, and the things i loved during my pregnancy.

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