Tuesday, 10 September 2013

hotel review: harbour quarters inn, bonavista, NL

on saturday night we stayed at the harbour quarter's inn in bonavista, which is a few hours away from our new home. our main reason to go to bonavista was because we wanted to check out the relatively new bonavista social club, and have a good coffee at a real coffee shop

price: around $185 per night (taxes included). probably the most expensive place to stay in bonavista
bathroom: newly renovated, really nice. the toiletries were bath and body works and smelled really good
pool: no
breakfast: not included. we did end up having breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. it was good, and around $15 per person
wifi: yes
tv: yes. but you can't see it very well while lying in bed, which is where i want to be while watching bad tv in a hotel room.
location: so good. we walked to all the little coffee shops and along the harbour from the hotel.
parking: yes, easy, free

- the lounge had a really great view, and was perfect for us to have a beer. i love being close to our hotel room in case baby needs something
- the room was super hot at night. there was an AC, but a note on it said you weren't allowed to turn it below 22 degrees C, so it never actually went on.
- the bedding was bad. they are still using those old slippery comforters that probably never actually get washed.

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