Monday, 23 September 2013

another weekend in st. john's

(a little stroll downtown)

 (croissants and coffee in the morning)

(tarts from rocket)

(breakfast and baby)


on saturday we dropped grandma R off at the airport, then stayed in town to eat and shop. our evening didn't quite go as planned. first, we tried to get in to a restaurant for supper. 

it really felt like the restaurants weren't interested in us because we had a baby with us. it's really not something we ever thought about before, but maybe there are some restaurants (like all the restaurants in downtown st john's) that aren't appropriate to bring a baby to. so, we ended up having a beer at rocket, and heading back to the hotel. we were in quite a situation, because we couldn't move our car due to a huge concert happening that night, and we couldn't get a cab due to our car seat situation. all three of us ended up fast asleep by 9 pm in the big king hotel bed. only one of us got supper (it wasn't me or jon).

anyway, in the end we still had a great overnight, but we learned a few things. one is that we need to always stay in hotels with room service!

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