Wednesday, 1 June 2016

This kid

(making pretend phone calls)

So today Cohen and I made chocolate chip cookies. The deal was we couldn't try them until after we had supper. Perfect. So I made supper, and we sat down to eat, and he wouldn't eat one single bite. So no cookie. And he was like, can I have something else? And we were like, nope, the kitchen is closed, you can have your supper or maybe a raw carrot. He was like, ok, I'll take the raw carrot. Ok. So I rinsed off a huge raw carrot and gave it to him straight up. And he ate the whole huge thing. And never even asked for a cookie after. 

I just love Cohen's personality so much, and Jon and I really feel so lucky that we get to watch him grow up. These days he loves the show Justin Time on Netflix, toast with butter, noodles with butter, just plain butter all by itself, pretending to drive our car while it's parked in the driveway, his fedora hat, and riding his trike. Lots of days he doesn't get one single toy out of his huge toy box. He would rather play with muffin tins or my polaroid camera. We have started talking about how we are moving to him. So he will get a piece of paper that he pretends is a map and show us where we are moving. And he says that it is near Nan and Gramps. He is very excited. Love him.

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