Thursday, 16 June 2016

We bought a house

We bought a house. At least I think we did, though I thought we owned it about five times over the last month. When our offer was accepted, when the house inspection was approved, when our mortgage was approved. This does mean that we are about to own two homes on closing day, which is not the ideal number for us. 

This time we only looked at three houses (last time). One was brand new and came with a mandatory $75 lawn maintenance fee, which we kind of loved. It had very very similar finishes to the house we own now, and we really liked it, but it only had two bedrooms. Not ideal for us, as we hope and expect to have Jon's mom visiting on the regular. The second house was nice and old and had three cats running around during our showing. The cats had their very own room filled exclusively with cat items like a cat hammock and a cat climbing centre. It was cool but had super old-looking windows. 

(brand new house) 

(our house)

The third house is the one we bought. It comes with two non-matching fridges, weird flower designs in the tile, a garage, heated floors in the master bedroom, a jacuzzi that is broken, and a view of the river. And so many other things. We love it so much. We have so many plans. I want new counters and new paint and a backsplash and open shelving and rugs to cover up the weird tile design. And then I remember that we are about to own two homes, and realize that we will probably put any big changes on hold while we are paying two mortgages.

We are so excited and we also don't want to have to buy another house for a very very long time.


  1. I am glad you found a house that is just right for you. It sounds like you are ready to put a lot of work into your new place. Are you going to repair or replace the Jacuzzi? A view of the river sounds relaxing. I wish you the best on owning two homes, and I hope you are able to get to a few remodeling projects soon.


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