Sunday, 26 June 2016

This weekend...

We had the first truly hot weekend of the year, and we made the most of it for sure. My friend and I decided to go to the gluten-free fair in town, which I honestly thought would be about seven people milling around a conference room at a hotel. I was so wrong. More like 500 people stuck in a conference room at a hotel. You could not even move in there. Gluten-free is taking over. My friend has a mild gluten allergy that makes her face break out when she eats it, and Cohen, of course, is allergic to wheat in the face rash way as well. I think a lot of the people there had celiac disease. For various reasons, lots of people are interested in avoiding gluten. 

Cohen and I were so not interested in being in the packed room, even if it meant free samples. So we chilled in the hotel lobby, eating snacks from our freebie bag that they handed out at the door. We ended up spending a few bucks on gluten-free marshmallows, macarons, butter tarts. I totally realize that marshmallows are inherently gluten-free, but I don't care, I just love homemade marshmallows.

 (Snacking on freebies)

We then went to Bannerman Park for a picnic and a few hours at the huge awesome park they have there. I swear they were having a good time. Mickey and Minnie made an appearance at the park for some type of celebratory event, and these guys were thrilled. Cohen prefers to observe from a comfortable 20 feet away, while his friend was cool with shaking hands with Mickey for a picture.

I watched Cohen and his friend run around our picnic blanket for probably an hour, chasing each other, laughing. Cohen had the hugest smile on his face, and it just made me so happy. When Cohen is happy, I am happy. Motherhood truth.

(typical facial expressions)

After we had enough sun, we headed to the Chapters, then back on the road with cold Starbucks beverages. Our little guys were so good! It helped that my friend drove, and her car is decked out with dvd players. Cohen was definitely in heaven watching Ice Age on the two-hour drive to town.

On Sunday, we headed to our local campground to hang out at the beach on the lake. Dude loved destroying sandcastles as Jon made them, and throwing sand into the water.

 (Eating a popsicle, relaxing on the beach)

Such a good weekend. So tired, so much sun. I think maybe, maybe I can put away our winter gear. We only have a few weekends left in Newfoundland, so we are trying to make them count. Camping at Terra Nova, hiking around Clarenville, watching Jon run the Tely 10, hanging out with friends we probably won't see for a while.

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