Thursday, 23 June 2016

Cohen lately...

We have been having a normal June, with mostly cold days, and maybe two kinda warm days. We have learned that we have to take advantage of those rare warm days, because it can be weeks before we see another one. Warm weather doesn't usually really hit Newfoundland until late July, and sometimes not at all for the whole year. After 5 years here, one thing I am looking forward to when we move is summers longer than a week.

(Thrilled to get his very own strawberry plant) 

(Loving his first taste of apricots. That sweet face) 

(Fav hiding spot during our very frequent hide and seek games) 

(He loves frosting and sprinkles) 

(Very into monkey bars these days...and I love the NL flag in the background)

(He insists on watching his dad fuel up) 

(Fries and ice cream for supper on a random Tuesday) 

(Sometimes we let him have a tiny bite of the cone...despite this)

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