Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The local fair

In Newfoundland there is this company, Thomas Amusements, that travels around every summer, setting up a fair in all the little communities. It is such a tradition for people here. Everyone I know here grew up going every single year. In our town, there is not a ton to do, so you can guarantee that every single kid in the community will be going to this fair. It is small, just 15 rides and a few games. They have cotton candy and the famous Saratoga chips, which are just thinly sliced potatoes, deep fried. 

Last weekend, the fair was in town, and Jon was out of town on a kayaking trip, so Cohen and I went both Saturday and Sunday for a few hours. 

 (Very cold on the carousel on Saturday.) 

(Loved the cars.) 

(Chilly on the Strawberry ride) 

(Sunday on the Strawberry again, much warmer) 

 (Very serious about driving)

We went to this same fair last year, and it's really cool to see the changes in Cohen over a year. Last year, Cohen was very reluctant to go on the car ride as parents are not allowed, and ended up screaming for the whole two minutes of the ride. Not fun. This time, he was very happy on all the rides, and only got upset when his beloved fedora hat flew off during a ride. 

I know that Cohen always looks so so serious in all pics, but I swear he is having so much fun! He had the best time, but after a few hours, told me he was all done with rides and he was ready to go home. Being a kid is tiring. 

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