Sunday, 29 May 2016

Family visiting and being busy

(airport pic with Nan and Gramps) 

(different airport, different grandparent, same day)

We just finished a super busy week or so of visiting my family in NB, then hosting Jon's mom here in Newfoundland for a week. Our schedules have been all over the place, and we have gotten some really good family time. Seeing family is what reminds us that moving home is absolutely the right decision for us*.

We are definitely the kind of people who are not usually busy. Jon and I don't work a lot, and we don't have crazy social lives, and we don't do a ton of extra activities. We also don't have a lot of kids (just one!). We get tons of downtime, usually. I know it's cooler these days to say you are super busy, so I guess maybe we are uncool. I always thought "work hard, play hard" was a good way to be, but these days, we don't work hard or play hard by a lot of people's standards. And we love it. All that to say that when we do actually have a "work hard, play hard" week, we are exhausted. We need a weekend to recuperate.

*It has meant so much to me that a handful of old friends and also my current coworkers have been so supportive of this huge decision to move home. Some people have shared their mixed feelings about the places they currently live, and the pull they feel to move home. Big life decisions are tough! But also dead easy when you follow your heart/gut/instincts.

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