Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Library list

I'm always reading, spending tons of money on Chapters.ca. And getting a legit thrill when there is a new book at my library.

Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed. Loved it, loved it so much. I really loved Wild, and I maybe loved this even more. It's just a bunch of letters she got when she had an advice column, but her answers are so good. I mean, the gist is to live your life messily and happily and intensely, but you just have to read it.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. So I loved Eat Pray Love just like the rest of the world. I read Committed, and it was OK, not the best. I thought Big Magic was decent, maybe especially if you are a creative. I actually really feel like I get to be creative in my job every day. Sometimes when I am working, I get into the zone, and 45 minutes will pass without me even being aware of time. My job feels so much more artistic than maybe people think when they think about dentistry. Maybe it's just me. But basically the book is all about putting yourself out there and making something.

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. This book was actually mentioned in both the Dear Sugar book and the Big Magic book. This book is a life-changer in my opinion and also the opinion of a billion people who watched her TED talk. The gist is that you need to love yourself, but you really have to read it. Maybe read it twice.

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