Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A few recent pics...

(bike rides whenever the temperature gets above 10)

(we super-decluttered for our realtor pics) 

(loves to play "weatherman" and go on the deck to tell us what it's like out) 

(an impromptu JJ's date as our house had a showing) 

(loves hats of all kinds)

We are so looking forward to this long weekend coming up, because we finally get to meet baby Gage, my sister's new babe. I have all the emotions just by looking at pics of him, so I can only imagine what it will be like to actually hold him. And Cohen is beyond excited to see everyone he face times. 

Side note: Cohen and I attended a field trip with the local family resource centre to the police station today. The policemen were all really good with the kids, letting them try on hats, touch handcuffs, climb in the cop cars. Highlights for Cohen: eating a rice krispie treat given to him by a cop, and "driving" a cop car. Highlight for me: watching the closed circuit television of the criminal in the holding cell. Addictive. There was a monitor in almost every room we visited, making it easy for me to watch the whole time. I watched him use the washroom, ask for something through his door, drink something from a cup. Reality tv. 

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