Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Recent pics

(supervising his parents/employees while they shovel his driveway) 

(jumped right up on this trailer thing that was parked down the street) 

(cleaning up the snow that got tracked in. only to dump it out again. this takes 30+ minutes) 

(putting all the animals down for a nap) 

(lately he shows up to our work with a craft from playgroup) 

(pretty cute. we are told he LOVES glue sticks) 

(beverages for all) 

 (coffees and waters)

This blog might as well be called the Cohen blog. Which is exactly how it should be. We are loving this parenting thing so much. Even at 3 am when Cohen is crying and coughing and we are super exhausted and worried and watching cartoons and forcing gatorade and honey down his throat. It's the best. I know that I'll remember those late nights the most.

We went through a few months where Cohen would get up at 5 am or earlier every single morning, and at the time, it was exhausting. But it's long over now, and Jon and I smile about those mornings of an extra cup of coffee and making one more tower out of blocks before the sun comes up. I have loved every single day.
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