Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hotel Review: Executive Suites Hotel, St. John's, NL

We spend this past weekend at the Executive Suites in St. John's. I actually didn't even know we were staying in this apartment hotel. I had booked what looked like a regular downtown apartment on Airbnb, and when we arrived it was actually this place. Oh, it was nice!

Cohen ended up coming down with a really bad cold the day we got there, so we ended up watching a lot of tv and not getting much sleep. I was feeling really thankful to have a big tub that we could put Cohen in since the warm bath seemed to help with his congestion. 

 (living room with big tv and fireplace)

(nice modern kitchen with dishwasher, etc) 

(big comfy bed + big tv = good sunday morning) 

(the bathroom had a tv and a big shower) 

(and a huge tub that Cohen "swam" in three times) 

Price: Around $185 per night. Really average for downtown St. John's
Bathroom: So nice. Huge tub, sweet shower, tv. We ended up hanging out in the bathroom a lot while Cohen swam around in the tub.
Breakfast: No, but full stocked kitchen to make your own
Wifi: Yes, really good
TV: The best. There were three televisions, and they were easy to use and in good locations (important to me!)
Pool: No.
Location: Sooo great. We walked to supper downtown, and it took maybe 5 minutes. Really close to the Sheraton hotel and right beside Hometel.
Parking: Free and really convenient.


The biggest negative about this place is the lack of a restaurant on site, and a pool. Similar to the Murray Premises hotel a few blocks away. But. In the little welcome package, they include the number for a little deli/grocery around the corner that will deliver groceries or prepared food for $4. Pretty convenient. I would have taken advantage, but instead Jon walked over and picked us up some necessities. And there are a lot of coffee shops and restaurants nearby, so I don't think it's a deal-breaker. And as for pools, we are finding that the public pools in St. John's (here and here and here) are just so great for little kids that we can't even be bothered with a hotel pool.

So far, this hotel wins for our little family. We will definitely be staying here again and again. We loved that there is a separate bedroom so you can close the door when the little guy goes to sleep, and we loved the huge bathtub. The location is also amazing.

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