Monday, 16 March 2015

Recent pics...

(Dude had a really bad ear infection* a few weeks ago.  After the antibiotics started to kick in, he was happy to watch cartoons and eat homemade popsicles.)

(Making snow angels in our backyard) 

(Sledding every single day) 

(We bring the cow everywhere we go lately) 


(Considering a swim) 

(Loves washing his hands at the sink) 

(Always reading)

*A few weeks ago Cohen had a bad cold that lasted for maybe three days. Then a few days later, he woke up in the morning crying, and didn't stop crying the whole morning. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't do anything. He didn't have a fever or appear to have anything wrong with him, but by noon, my mom senses were telling me something was actually wrong. We got an appointment with our family doctor for 2 pm, and Cohen pretty much cried/screamed the whole drive there, while we waited in the waiting room, then when we waited for the doctor in the exam room. It was extremely stressful. It broke my heart to see that he must be in pain, but he couldn't tell me what was wrong. We are lucky this is the first time he has really gotten sick. Anyway, the doctor had a quick look in his ears, and said they were both infected really badly. She was like, how long has this been going on for, because it's really bad? Which totally activated my mom guilt. Within a half hour of taking his first dose of antibiotics, he stopped crying, looked at me, and said, "hi!" Which was the best. He was back to his normal self in a few days. Thank goodness for antibiotics. 
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