Monday, 30 March 2015

Sick little guy

Oh man, what a rough couple days. It started with a fever on Thursday afternoon and graduated to a barking toddler by Friday night. I was so freaked out by the noise, we packed Cohen up in the car to take him straight to the ER. But he promptly fell asleep, so we drove around for an hour, and when he woke up he was happy and not barking.

Later that night, the barking returned. Really, if you have never heard the barking of croup, like I hadn't, it is really freaky. We called the hospital, talked to an RN for a while, and learned that you treat croup at home by alternating hanging out in the bathroom with the hot shower on bust, and going outside in the cold.

We were the weirdos walking around the streets in our pajamas in the super early morning hours this weekend. Dude slept between us in 30 minute stretches, while Jon and I just watched him and listened to his breathing. We are definitely first-time parents. I don't think Jon or I slept more than three hours the whole entire weekend. Today, things are looking up, and Cohen is slowly returning to his usual self. Respect for all the exhausted parents out there.
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