Tuesday, 7 April 2015

On the Easter weekend

We had a big Easter trip planned, but through a series of unfortunate events, we ended up at home with not a relative in sight. We made the most of it by making the two hour drive into town to go swimming with the dude and get a non-McDonald's coffee. 

(Easter present from Nanny and Gramps: picnic table aka drawing table) 

(loving the train set at Chapters in town) 

(completely amazed by the television at the hotel. we don't have one at home. whenever a commercial came on, he came over and made me look.) 

(family selfies) 

(at the hotel) 

(the mall was filled with these old-school rides*. )

(30 minutes in this bubble) 

(exhausted on the drive home. there is nothing like a sleeping baby in the backseat)

*i don't know if they are new or they were just invisible to me before i had a kid who was obsessed with them. either way, old-school rides, i love you. we don't ever put any money in them. Cohen is completely happy just sitting in them. they are sweet for allowing jon and i to take turns running into a store to check something out. 
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