Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hotel review: Bannerman Park Suites, St. John's, NL

We ended up spending a night in St. John's this past Easter weekend. We booked into Bannerman Park Suites at the last minute. This place most be pretty new. Everything looked fresh and clean. We liked it. 

(lovely tub with a little dude in it) 

(oddly comfy sofa) 

(comfy bed)

Price: $165 per night including tax and parking. Really good for the area.
Bathroom: So nice! There is a huge shower with awesome pressure and this nice big tub. Everything looked newly updated. The soaps and shampoos were sad, but other than that, the bathroom was sweet.
Breakfast: Nope. But there is a fridge and stove so you could make breakfast.
Wifi: I think? We never used it.
TV: Two huge televisions with lots of channels. We watched disney cartoons cuz we are parents.
Location: Ummm, not as awesome as so many other hotels. Not very walkable to downtown, except maybe in the summer (that is like 3 weeks long around here). I didn't love the location. Though just FYI, it is right directly beside the swanky Ryan Mansion hotel.
Parking: There were two free parking spaces, and we got one. I don't know what happens if they are taken.

- so this place is technically an apart-hotel. Our suite had a separate bedroom and a kitchenette. We like that because we travel with a mini snack bar for the kid. The downsides to these kinds of places include no front desk, no restaurant on site, no room service. For us, a family with a toddler, these places are the best. But when we had a newborn who slept all the time, I was all about room service. So it's all what you prefer.
- We found Executive Suites Hotel to be very similar, only a bit nicer with a better location. And only a little more money. So while we would stay here again, I'll always try to book Executive Suites first.

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