Friday, 24 April 2015


(reading to Coco and his friend)

(sometimes you have a tough appointment, and the patient brings you cookies) 

(reading in a bit of sunlight) 

(there were about 30 pics identical to this on my phone) 

(having a bit of water post-workout) 

(checking out how far the toilet paper in the hotel can be pulled) 

(sunday morning breakfast) 


The whole work/life/everything balance is totally hard and impossible and who cares. For me, at least. For example, I always (usually) feel really good about my relationship with Jon and Cohen. Though sometimes when I get home from work, I still have work on my mind, and it's hard for me to shake it, and so I am not fully present at home. And I always (usually) talk to my best friends on the phone at least once a week. But then some weeks we play phone tag every day, and we can only talk for two minutes, and that's that. And I always (usually) find time for the meager workouts that I do which entail 20 minutes of copying a super-fit person who I find on youtube. Except sometimes I can't even force myself to work out for 20 sad little minutes, because I would rather be eating a chocolate bar and reading dumb blogs.

My latest thing is that I can't and won't spend 3-4 hours in a stylist's chair getting my hair done. My hair takes forever to do, and I just won't take 4 hours from my time with Cohen. If I lived somewhere that offered hair styling late at night, I would totally do that so I could do it while Cohen sleeps. And maybe it's partly because I am leaving Cohen for four whole nights next week, which feels like forever. So to deal with the 2 inches of roots, I have been using sun-in every single day, even though I don't get much sun, because it's not that sunny here. And I am luckily going grey at a really fast rate these days. And I am using purple shampoo to kind of take away form the orange shade I am developing in my root area. And I just chop a few inches off my ponytail here and there. Perfect.
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