Wednesday, 6 May 2015

We went to Miami

I just got back from five days in Miami for a friend's bachelorette trip. We were a group of six (plus the bride's mom) who all went to the same high school, hung out in university, are friends for life material. The whole trip went shockingly well, and I had the best time, despite missing my little family so much. 

(flight #1)

(the pool at our condo. very nice, slightly eighties)

(a few of the girlies)

(this is the maid of honor/trip planner. she made the trip killer and amazing for everyone, though it meant she spent lots of time on her phone organizing and double-checking the next activity.)

(nothing better than catching a moment of joy. the bride and her momma)

(sweet seats at a Miami Marlins game)

Some stuff we did (Only of interest to someone planning a South Beach trip):

- Went to LIV nightclub, which was super-fun in the VIP section because you might as well live large while in Miami. Getting in is sort of ridiculous, but once inside, the music was awesome, and the energy was the best. 
- Ate at Katsuya, which was all about the sushi. I liked it, but nothing super special. You have to walk through a hotel lobby, then through another restaurant, then outside again to get to this restaurant. This restaurant was kind of hiding. Maybe that makes it cooler? 
- Ate at Cafe Prima Pasta, which was really good. They gave us complimentary bellinis on arrival, and champagne and an apple tart at the end of our meal. The sangria was good, the food was good, but mostly the waiter was just really good. They even hailed us a cab at the end of the meal, which is beyond challenging in South Beach. We were all regretting our lack of Uber app. 
- Ate at Orange Blossom, which had two-for-one cocktails and yummy pasta. The desserts were truly terrible, and I saw lots of kids eating there with families. I accidentally super-overtipped the waiter, who gave me a chance to correct my mistake, but it was all super awkward and embarrassing. He ended up giving us a complimentary round of shots, and gave us take out cups for all our wine. He flagged a cab and made sure we were all comfortable in said cab before waving us away. 
- Stayed in a condo at Castle Beach Resort. We ended up there basically because we wanted all seven of us in one place, we wanted at least 3 bedrooms, and at least 2 bathrooms. And we didn't want to spend a million dollars. This place was probably super cool about 20 years ago. Now, it looks really old and worn down. On the plus side, the huge saltwater pool was great, and there is a pool bar where you can get reasonably priced drinks. The beach is right there, and there is a convenience store in the basement with beer and snacks. As with any condo rental, the negatives include that you have no one to call if there is a problem. We had some issues while we were there, and we were out of luck. This place is not close to much, so we ended up in cabs at least 3 times a day. The cabs take forever, so we spent lots of time chilling outside the lobby of the hotel. 
- Went to a Miami Marlins game. So awesome. I am really not into baseball, but there is plenty to do. The people watching, snacking, and shopping are really fun. 

We did a ton of other stuff too, and really had the best time. My number one tip for anyone considering South Beach would be to get Uber. Anything to avoid the cab situation. Also, bring tons of money (or at least a visa with a good limit). Everyone wants a tip, and it just felt like everything was easier with more money. 

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