Monday, 18 May 2015

On the long May 2-4 weekend

(finally warm and dry enough to get the bikes out) 

(smoothie picnics in the backyard) 

(we got all our camping gear out. it's been over 2 years since we camped) 

(cookies in the tent. everything is better in a tent) 

(more biking. the dude is obsessed. he kept saying, "this is fun!") 

(family selfie) 

(dinner at a diner) 

(love these two so much) 

(we visited five parks this weekend. jon and i were exhausted)

(a train ride at the local campground)

This long weekend is the one where everyone we know gets their camper situated in the campground it will be parked at all season long. Our town was super quiet all weekend. Jon and I took the opportunity to bike on the traffic-less roads, and visit the completely empty parks. The weekend in numbers:

Highest temperature reached: 18 degrees C. Very warm!
Number of restaurant meals: 3. Dude had a bun-less burger and fries every time.
Number of playground visits: 7. No joke. 
Cost of one 4-minute "train" ride around campground: $2 per person. So worth it. 
Number of times Cohen exclaimed "bike ride!!" at random: 100. At least. It's for sure his favorite thing of all time. 
Number of minutes spent on our bikes: 90. At least. Again, it's all Cohen could think/talk about. 
Number of bullet coffees consumed: 4 each. So good. 

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